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Black Swan Cam

There are records of Black Swans being on the Brook in the early twentieth century but between the two world wars, they died out. In the late 1940s, Captain GRS Pitman, a game warden in Uganda, presented a pair of Black Swans to the town of Dawlish in memory of his late parents. His father, Charles Pitman, had been a County Councillor. Black Swans have lived on the Brook and have been the emblem of the town ever since.

Live view of the beautiful black swans in Dawlish.

Dawlish Town Council

Dawlish Town Council is working in partnership with Coast Cams on this unique project to see live footage of our Black Swans and waterfowl. Dawlish Town Council have contributed to the cost of the camera and its fixings.  The day to day responsibility for the operation, running and maintenance of the camera is by Dawlish Beach Cams.

Dawlish Town Council is responsible for the feeding, cleaning, veterinary care and heating costs involved in the care of the waterfowl. The waterfowl wardens are employed by the Council.  If you have concerns about the waterfowl on the Brook or in the compound please ring: 07979 836300.

If you would to actively support the care of waterfowl the Council runs a sponsorship scheme or make a donation. All funds raised through sponsorship or by donation are ring fenced by the Council for the waterfowl’s care. Telephone: 01626 863388 for more details.

Follow Dawlish Waterfowl on Facebook – @dawlishwaterfowl  or Dawlish Beach Cams @Dawlish Beach

Dawlish Waterfowl

The Waterfowl Compound is home to a large selection of waterfowl. We have various species of ducks including Whistling Tree, Carolina, Bantam, Mandarin, Call, Bahama, Pintail, Tufted Duck, Crested Duck, Black East Indies, Teal, and Shelduck. We also have Snow Geese, Chinese Geese, Edbon Geese and African Geese. The waterfowl thrive under the watchful eye of the wardens who are responsible for their day to daycare.

Volunteers help feed the waterfowl at weekends.